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Mastery Unleashed with Christie Ruffino

Mastery Unleashed (formerly Overcoming Mediocrity) is a podcast for success-driven women who want to empower their thoughts, design their dream businesses, and build beautiful lives that are aligned with their destinies—hosted by Bestselling Author and Business Strategist Christie Ruffino.

Each episode features today’s top influencers and entrepreneurs on the rise as they share empowering stories and ninja tips meant to become the FUEL that will ignite a positive change in YOUR life and the lives of others.

Aug 25, 2021

On Today’s Podcast

This week I sit down with Christy Lister. Christy Lister a mother of three children and former wife of a police officer, who after 25 years at the police department died by suicide in June of 2019. Christy is passionate about speaking up on mental health for police officers, first responders, and...

Aug 18, 2021

On Today’s Podcast

This week I sit down with Jim Padilla. As founder of Gain The Edge, Jim is known in the personal development and business coaching world as the go-to-guy for all things sales. With their army of heart-centered sales rock-stars Jim and his wife Cyndi partner with top industry leaders to help...

Aug 11, 2021

On Today’s Podcast

This week I sit down with Lorraine LaPointe. After 30 years as a leader in Education, Lorraine LaPointe uniquely combines a strong analytical background, from advanced science and education degrees, with the intuition and insights of both Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching. Her company, Head...

Aug 4, 2021

On Today's Podcast

This week I sit down with Dr. Sheri Elle Brown-Gaudio. Dr. Sheri Elle Brown has a Ph.D. in Psychology, is an MS Health Education, is a BS Cell Biology Chakra Energy Healer, does Transformative Wellness, and is a Mindfulness Coach. Dr. Sheri is passionate about teaching women, especially...