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Mastery Unleashed with Christie Ruffino

Mastery Unleashed (formerly Overcoming Mediocrity) is a podcast for success-driven women who want to empower their thoughts, design their dream businesses, and build beautiful lives that are aligned with their destinies—hosted by Bestselling Author and Business Strategist Christie Ruffino.

Each episode features today’s top influencers and entrepreneurs on the rise as they share empowering stories and ninja tips meant to become the FUEL that will ignite a positive change in YOUR life and the lives of others.

Jul 27, 2022

On Today’s Podcast

This week I sit down with Therese Nicklas. Therese Nicklas is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Money Coach(CMC)® and Certified Success Principles™ Coach. She specializes in helping executive women who are at a crossroads and feel uncertain about their next steps. By empowering them with smart money strategies, they learn how to build their new big, bold life with certainty, clarity and confidence. She is passionate about inspiring women to enjoy their best life by coaching them toward creating the means for a life of meaning. “Money is a tool to design your life in a way that makes you feel alive and fulfilled. True wealth – true financial freedom – is being free to focus on the things that matter most to you in life – the things money can’t buy.”

Terri is the President and Founder of The Wealth Coach for Women, Inc. She’s the author of “The Money & Life Playbook – 5 Simple Steps To Get Control of your Money” and the online course “Six Weeks To Financial Freedom”. She has been a featured guest on many podcasts and contributor for major publications. When she’s not helping clients transform their lives by discovering what makes their heart sing, she’s following her passions – exploring the world, playing with her grandchildren, spending time with friends, family and her rescue dog Gracie. Her motto – “live your life by design and not by default”.


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